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Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm

Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm

Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm    Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm

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The Varedo walk in bath allows you to enjoy a warm soak in the bath with easy access entry. The inward opening door, stainl... See more product information below.

The inward opening door, stainless steel framing and leak free seals make the Varedo the perfect choice for your bathroom. The walk in bath also includes thermostatic temperature control, handheld shower and several support handles. Features include: Inward bath opening The Varedo walk in bath is designed with easy accessibility as a priority, and this is achieved with a specially crafted stainless steel door. With an inward opening, the door opens into the bath allowing the user to step in and close the door from the inside with ease.

As water begins to fill the bath, the pressure from the water ensures a water tight seal. Stainless Steel Door The door is the most important element of a walk in bath, which is why Di Vapor apply extra special care to make sure it's right. A high grade stainless steel (304 grade) frame has been designed to ensure maximum strength and durability. Disabled baths require a high quality door to guarantee the long life time of service that is expected from them. Easy-Access Door Handle Once you've sat down into the Varedo walk in bath, you'll be able to close the main door using a conveniently placed swing handle. The large and "simple to use" handle allows you to easily create a firm watertight seal around the door, keeping the walk in bath entirely leak free. Once you've finished bathing, simply push the handle away from you to re-open the door.

2 "Quick Drain" Outlets When you've finished using the walk in bath, you'll need to wait for the bath to empty before you can open the door. That's why it's important that the water inside the bath drains away quickly, so you're not sitting around for too long.

The Varedo walk in bath comes complete with 2 "quick drain" outlets to ensure that the entire bath is emptied in as little as 80 seconds. Thermostatically Controlled Water Due to the nature of a walk in bath, you'll want to ensure that the water coming into the cabin is of a temperature that suits you, without unexpected spurts of hot and cold.

The thermostatic valve works to control the mixing of hot and cold water as it enters bath, with a range of various temperatures for the user to choose. Low Access Entrance Mobility is the priority when it's come to walk in baths, which is why the Varedo comes completed with a low access entrance. With a step up of just 9 inches, those with mobility issues will easily be able to step in and out of the bath without assistance. This ensures safety for the user, without comprising the walk in baths strength and durability. Stainless Steel Handles For added safety and convenience, the Varedo walk in bath comes complete with a variety of stainless support handles that you can use to help get in and out of the bath.

The Varedo comes complete with 3 handles, with two either side of the door to assist with access along with one next to the seat to assist with standing and sitting. Large Moulded Seating With maximum comfort as a priority, the Varedo walk in bath comes complete with a large moulded seat to provide ample seating for one person. Bathing in a walk in bath can take time, so being comfortable is an important factor. The seat itself is moulded from high grade fibreglass reinforced acrylic, which reduces excessive flexibility in the seat and bath. Acrylic Construction The Varedo walk in bath is moulded from one single layer of acrylic, which is then reinforced with several layers of fibreglass. This reinforced moulded piece is then mounted onto a large stainless steel box framing underneath for for added strength and durability. Our high grade acrylic carries the beneficial properties, including being naturally warm to the touch. Padded headrest Located behind the large moulded seat is an easy clean, durable rubber headrest for added comfort when bathing.

As mentioned previously, a bathing session in a walk in bath can take time which is why you'll want to maximise comfort. Acrylic is naturally a "warm-to-the-touch" material, and the addition of this soft headrest can make for a relaxing experience. Hand Held shower head The Varedo walk in bath comes complete with a hand held shower on an extendable hose situated within arm's length of the seating area.

This feature is perfect for additional bathing comfort, whilst being the ideal solution to washing down the bath of any loose suds after each use. Easy access maintenance The Varedo walk in bath comes complete with two removal panels that make up the sides of the bath structure. Removal of these panels will give access to the main internal workings of the bath including the pipework and drainage. Out of the Box installation The Varedo walk in bath comes complete with everything required for a successful installation. This includes 2 braided hose water supply pipes for the hot and cold water supplies, along with equipment required for connecting the drainage.

Once you've confirmed that the bath will fit in place, it's simply a matter of ordering a cabin and sliding it into place. Any items that arrive faulty must be reported to our customer service team within 48 hours. If a direct replacement is not available, an alternative will be offered. The packaging for this item is a'TBC'.

We will do our best to assist. Di Vapor takes great pride in providing unrivalled customer service combined with high quality products? Ensuring that you are satisfied whilst providing a positive shopping is our priority. We are confident that we will deliver beyond your expectations and that you? Ll be more than satisfied with your purchasing experience with Di Vapor. However, we also understand that sometimes mistakes can happen or delays out of our control can reflect badly on your shopping experience. We will do our absolute best to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. We are constantly striving to provide a reliable service and product range that our customers keep coming back for? POPULAR ITEMS YOU MAY ALSO LIKE. The item "Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm" is in sale since Friday, January 13, 2017. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Bath\Baths".

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Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm    Di Vapor Varedo Walk in Bath One Person Mobility Tub 133cm x 65cm